Ashraf Rakhimov, Unbound (retail, gifts, books shop) Ireland, Cork.

Financováno z projektu Erasmus +
Financováno z projektu Erasmus +


I was in Ireland Cork city for 4 weeks (1 month). It was amazing, thank you Erasmus+ and my school Obchodní akademie Praha.

I worked in Unbound shop, it is retail, gifts, books shop in the city center of Cork city. There are a lot of gifts (umbrellas, mugs, candles, accessories, cosmetics, gifts for newlyweds), books (especially the theme of the Bible). I priced the new things, accounted inventory (books, mugs, gift tags…), went to AIB bank to deposit money in the shop account, went to post office and sent letters, and used the till.

I took knowledge at my work: working in a team, assisting customers, using the till, how to manage stock, understanding how the business works, and administrative tasks. I also improved written and spoken English, spoke a lot with the people from USA, Australia, Ireland.

I lived with my classmate Lukáš, with Mona family, Togher Rd. It is great family, they are intelligent and well-mannered. I tested Irish food (Irish stew, Bangers & Mash, Irish breakfast)

At free time in Ireland, we were in Dublin (with my teacher Diane), Cliffs of Moher and Cobh.

Money from grant I have spent on boarding pass, accommodation in host family, foods and meals buses, travel, food, insurance.Before my internship program I attanded English courses at school. Internship program was wonderful and I like it, I am so happy that I was there. I met many interesting people there and know how people live in another interesting country. 


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